A Lesson in Personality

It’s still cold here. Samia loves being on the porch in the cold. The crazy dog immediately walks to the far side and lays down. She tries to get as much of her body touching the concrete as possible. When I go inside, she does not want to come with me. When she finally deigns to respond to my call, she comes in as slowly as possible and looks at me like I’m some horrible dictator. Nothing like the Husky stubborn streak.

This leaf is far more interesting than you.

And then there’s Pilot. He seems to enjoy the cold weather as well, but he’s a little less independent. As long as I am on the porch with them, he’s off exploring, sticking his nose through the railing. When I open the door to come inside, even if it is only for a minute, he is right on my heels. Heaven forbid I come inside without him.  He sits at the door, staring with that heartbreaking Hound face until I come back.

Where'd you go?

~ by Rachel on January 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “A Lesson in Personality”

  1. Samia really loves that cold concrete and that stubborn streak is on occassion very funny. And of course Pilot is so sweet and so hound dog!

  2. Oh I love the pic of Samia being so mesmerized by that leaf. LOL

  3. I can definitely see the collie streak in Samia, staring down that leaf, and loving to be outside as well. Collies have a thick undercoat in winter.

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