Shh, I'm about to infiltrate a gang of dalmatians. Don't blow my cover.

Pilot is the first dog I’ve had that tolerates being dressed up.  In fact he loves it.  Playing dress up, whether he is a bumblebee at Halloween, a reindeer at Christmas, pretending to be a dalmatian in my pajamas, or even just wearing a pair of pants on his head,  is a fun game to him.  This game involve lots of attention and laughter on my part and my Rottiepointador (rottweiler, pointer & labrador mix) just eats it up.  Okay, I admit, it’s fun for me, too.


~ by Rachel on May 6, 2010.

One Response to “Undercover”

  1. Found you through the Blog Hop! My mom wishes I would let her dress me up but dad is glad I won’t. So hard to try and make your hoomans happy!

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