In 2008, Samia picked Pilot to be her buddy at the SPCA of Wake County. He was approximately 2 years old when we brought him home and the DNA test found only Labrador Retriever and a tiny amount of Poodle, with the other 40% or so of his DNA being too many breeds in such small amounts as to be unidentifiable – a true mutt. Pilot was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. He wanted nothing more than to make his person happy and was so sensitive and goofy. He loved wearing clothes, going for walks, and chewing on his stuffed cow. We had many stuffed cows over the years.

Pilot’s passing was the most traumatic event I can remember. I’m still not even sure what happened. It’s believed that he suffered a stroke in March, causing a loss of motor control over his back legs and weakening his front legs as well. After a spinal tap came back clear, and he started to slowly improve, I was cautiously optimistic. Just before his two week check up, he started to lose his legs again. The vet we saw seemed to think he might have suffered a second stroke, but was hopeful that he would bounce back again and sent him home with me. He collapsed Friday night, April 6th, and I was never able to get him back up. I watched as my dear, sweet boy gave up. Saturday afternoon, April 7, 2018, I contacted an emergency mobile vet who came to my house and helped me say goodbye to my darling boy.

At 12 years old, I know he had a good life. He was loved and treasured and I take comfort in knowing he’s beyond pain and fear now, but I can’t help but feel that his life was too short. It’s always hard to say goodbye to one’s furbabies, but it’s so much harder when the loss is unexpected. My heart aches for my boy, but I hope that he is running wild with Samia and chewing on all the stuffed cows he can fit in his mouth.

~ by Rachel on October 5, 2018.

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