Pack 2.0

I made it 4 days after saying goodbye to Pilot. I took a vacation day from work on Monday because I couldn’t face people. On Tuesday, I sobbed the whole way home knowing I returned to an empty house. I spent Wednesday morning sick to my stomach at work, dreading going back home. So, at lunchtime, I drove over to the Humane Society of Charlotte. I asked them to bring me whoever had been there the longest, who they were having trouble finding a home for, ideally someone around 2-4 years old. They brought Bailey out to the play yard. As soon as I saw her walking towards me, I knew. It was love at first site. I came back after work, completed the adoption paperwork, and took her home.

Bailey is a 5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier. I firmly believe that the dog you need finds you. She’d been at the Humane Society for two months, as she apparently didn’t “show” well. I like to think she was holding out for me. When Pilot’s ashes were delivered and I cried until I triggered a migraine, Bailey snuggled up against me to give me comfort.

She completed her heart worm treatment in May. She loves walks, snuggles, and car rides and is the best reading companion a girl could ask for.

Welcome to the pack Bailey Bean.

~ by Rachel on October 6, 2018.

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