Review: The Blue Eye by Ausma Zehanat Khan

The Blue Eye

I’ve been trying to figure out what to put in this review. It’s difficult because (a) I love Ausma Zehanat Khan, so writing a thoughtful review that is more than just fan-girling is hard, and (b) there’s so much going on in this book and this series that I want to both avoid spoilers, but still convince people to read the books. It is a series that among people I know is underrated and under-read.

The Blue Eye is book three in The Khorasan Archives, a Fantasy series that features a unique magical structure, strong female protagonists, and a Middle Eastern setting that I can’t get enough of in the genre. Many characters are morally gray, with often selfish motives, but the truly evil villains, like The One Eyed Preacher and his followers known as the Talisman, call to mind the horrors of modern religious zealots, which lends an eerie realism to the series.

The Blue Eye is dark. There’s still no happy ending, at least not yet, and nearly everyone’s motives are suspect. Our heroines suffer greatly. Previously concealed identities are revealed and the answers are shocking. It’s action packed, and there were many moments when I read on with my heart in my throat, fearing for my favorite characters.

I think the thing I love most about this series, though, is something that has become even clearer in this third installment. The system of magic and power is tied to The Claim, the sacred religious text of all Khorasan. As a reader, the idea of words and stories, whether fables or histories, being the center of strength and power, is beautiful and relatable. I am both looking forward to the final installment of The Khorasan Archives, which *should* be out later this year, and dreading it. I am sure there will be more loss, more heartbreak, but I am hopeful that Khan will end the series on a high note and that Good will triumph over Evil. I’m willing to send her chocolate and all the cat pictures she could possible want, if she’ll take bribes.

~ by Rachel on January 2, 2020.

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