Oops and August TBR

Apparently, I haven’t posted since February?! So much for doing better at the blog this year. Part of the issue has been constant problems with the iPad version of WordPress. If I didn’t have to drag out my laptop, I’d be more inclined to post regularly. The other issue – well, it’s 2020 people. The world has gone to hell and the US doesn’t appear to be coming out of this pandemic any time soon.

I’ve managed to read quite a bit still, this year, and I’m honestly shocked that I haven’t posted about a couple of the best books. I promise I’ll do that soon (if I can figure out the new desktop version of WordPress – that’s a big IF), but today – two posts. I managed to clear my NetGalley backlog by the end of last year. I don’t request books because I don’t have a big enough following on any platform to ensure that a publisher will grant my requests and I hate rejection. However, I have a problem with NetGalley’s “read now” button and a couple of my favorite publishers/imprints send me invitations, and I can’t seem to turn those down. This would be less of a problem if 2020 hadn’t also come with physical challenges – my eyes are not handling screens well, so trying to read digital copies has been nearly impossible for most of this year, meaning I’m once again facing a large NetGalley back log. I’ve decided that August is my month to fix that, because (a) I found my old Kindle Touch, which is the only ereader that doesn’t have a light (don’t argue with me about the Paperwhite – I own two and they both have blue light and glare outside), and (b) I CAN download my NetGalley titles onto the Touch, which means I can read digital ARCs again without pain and added stress on my eyes. YIPPEE!!

As of August 1st, the titles in the image were the extent of my NetGalley queue. This week, I’ve bailed on one, finished another (the subject of today’s second post), and added two more thanks to an email from NetGalley with a read now button that I could not resist. Wish me luck! I’m hoping to get through the top two rows, at least, this month, and finish up the list in September.

~ by Rachel on August 7, 2020.

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